the great Gatsby
Updated: 2/14/2021
the great Gatsby

Storyboard Text

  • All of them arrive at the suite
  • I attended it for 5 months for an army program
  • Why do you lie about going to Oxford?
  • Tom confronts Gatsby's about his intentions with daisy
  • I love daisy, and she loves me too
  • What are your intentions with my wife!?
  • The quarrel continues..
  • No she didn't,she married you cause I was poor that time
  • I did love Tom at some point of time
  • She loved you before, now she loves me
  • Tom tells daisy how Gatsby became rich
  • What about it old sport? Stop lying
  • Is it true Gatsby ?
  • I know you made money by selling bootlegged alcohol
  • Tom and Gatsby fight
  • SHUT UP!
  • You are just a frontrunner for Wolfshiem
  • Tom sends Daisy back to Long Island with Gatsby to prove Gatsby’s inability to hurt him
  • Why didn't you tell us?
  • It's my birthday today