OMAM: Chapter 5

Updated: 5/12/2020
OMAM: Chapter 5

Storyboard Text

  • Oh no I killed my pup. It jus' bit me so i pinched it and it dies.
  • I could have been an actress. I'm sure it was my mother who threw away my letter.
  • Hey, are you even listening?!
  • Will George even let me tend the rabbits?
  • Say, your hair is mighty soft.
  • Yeah. It's cause I keep it well. Hey don't stroke too hard you'll mess it up.
  • Oh no I done a really bad thing now...
  • I have to go hide in the brush like George said..
  • Look George. It's Curley's wife and she's dead!
  • And i know jus' who did it. Come on we have to find 'im before Curley.
  • Oh no! My wife is dead! It was probably that Lennie Small. We have to find him and get revenge!