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Multiple Intelligences
Updated: 2/23/2020
Multiple Intelligences
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My careers assignment!

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  • Introduction
  • Hi, my name is Ria! Today I will be talking about my multiple intelligences!
  • Body Smart
  • Basketball is one of my favorite sports!
  • People Smart
  • It's my first day here and I'm lost.
  • That's alright. I'll help you as much as I can.
  • Everyone has multiple intelligences that help them in their everyday life. The multiple intelligence theory was created by Dr. Howard Gardener. After taking the quiz, my top three intelligences with the highest percentages are body smart, people smart, and picture smart.
  • Picture Smart
  • My first multiple intelligence is body smart. I use all or some parts of my body to create products or to solve problems. I use this intelligence in the sports teams I am on. In Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee, I need to be body smart in order to get the points and win against those other teams. I am able to use my body to make the team strategies work out and contribute to my team.
  • Athlete
  • There's a minute left on the clock!
  • My second intelligence is people smart. I am able to recognize and understand the feelings andmotivations of other people. I apply this intelligence in my life, by helping my friends and peerswith situations they need help with. Since I am able to understand their feelings and motivations, I can help them come up with a good solution to the problem they have.
  • Psychologist
  • I don't know. What should I do?
  • My last intelligence is picture smart. I am able to perceive spatial and visual information andcreate effective mental pictures. I use this ability in everyday life. I use it when planning outassignments, when doing homework, and especially when it comes to making art. I tend to makegifts, instead of buying them, and that is when I use that ability as well.
  • Many careers associate with body intelligence and being an athlete is one of the many. Thisoccupation excites me as it can lead to many different sports. This occupation is suitable for mebecause it involves me being physically active in the activity I am participating in and I am ableto use my body in an effective way to do the best I can. This also excites me, as I will be able toqualify and participate in professional competitions, tournaments and many more.
  • To be a psychologist, it is a must to be people smart. This occupation excites me, as I like towork with people. This occupation is suitable for me because I am able to understand and readothers feelings and motivations, and as a psychologist I will be able to understand my client andhelp them out with their problems and understand how the given solution will affect my client.
  • You need to try to talk things out with him. Sometimes, all you need is communication.
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