Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • What does thermal energy mean?
  • It is the potential of a chemical substance to go through a chemical reaction to alter into other substances. There are many examples like batteries or food even.
  • Thermal energy is generated and measured by heat. An example would be the kinetic energy of an atom or chemical energy in a molecule.
  • What does solar energy mean?
  • It is power or heat that comes from the sun. It is believed to be the most efficient source of energy. An example would be solar panels.
  • What is electric energy?
  • It is an electric charge that lets work be done. An example would be a plug outlet on the wall.
  • What is chemical energy?
  • Sound energy is generated when objects vibrate. When there are sound vibrations, it becomes a wave of pressure that travels through a medium.. like air, water, etc.
  • What does sound energy mean?