Tim Tam

Updated: 5/19/2020
Tim Tam

Storyboard Text

  • Nah man, it's low calories and sugar
  • WHAT!? Did you say low calories and sugar!?
  • Yeah! It's called Tim Tam Light. It's low in calories and sugar! You know what the best part of this? You can indulge and not worry about being guilty
  • The scene will then pan back to the guy, where he tells his friend that it is low calories and sugar
  • Dude that's awesome! Can I have some?
  • The scene will then cut back to his friend, where he is shocked and surprised and asked if he heard was right
  • Have at it!
  • The shot will then go back to to him and introduces the brand item and the benefit of the brand item. He will also say the slogan of the product
  • WOW! I can now Eliminate the guilt and indulge
  • Camera will go back to his friend having heard the benefit of the Tim Tam and will ask to try
  • The camera will then show two friends sharing the Tim Tam
  • The shot will then go back to the friend having a taste of the Tim Tam and with satisfactory, end the scene with by saying the slogan