Biology PART 2

Updated: 9/10/2020
Biology PART 2

Storyboard Text

  • Hey!Who were you with that you didn´t answer me?
  • I was with Sally!
  • OooH! I get why you didn´t answer.You are always with her and you don´t have time for me
  • Don´t say that Sarah. That´s not true
  • I tell you this because I love you!And I want to be with you more
  • We are always together..
  • But she is my friend and I like spending time with her too. We do not have to do everything together we can spend time with others
  • No we are not, if we were always together you would not have been with your friend all day. Why do you need to spend time with her when you could spend it with me ?
  • Im sorry but this is not right. I should not have to apologise for spending time with a friend, and you should not be trying to make me leave them.
  • If you loved me you would not need anybody else in your life apart from me 
  • This is not a healthy realationship, and if you loved me you would not try to control me
  • Where are you going ? You can not leave me. No one is going to love like I do.