How earth was formed?
Updated: 1/26/2021
How earth was formed?

Storyboard Text

  • Tiny star dust were floating into space, when there were enough stardust in space.
  • All the stardust collide together and makes a star that we call the Sun.
  • After the sun is formed, the leftover stardust in space will form the Earth.
  • The earth was made by lava, because the asteroids would hit it.
  • The meteor crashed on Earth. The meteor cause chunks, those left over chunks formed the moon.
  • Asteroids continued on by hitting the earth until few asteroids hit the earth.
  • The asteroids decreased and only a few hit the Earth, the asteroids made a big cloud over the earth, the clouds began to rain. The rain made oceans, with volcanoes under the bodies of water. Soon the layers of the earth were forming. The volcanoes were making the crust. 
  • This happened 4.54 billion years ago.