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The woods
Updated: 9/9/2020
The woods
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  • Action: Justin's mom leaves and his grandfather tells him rules.FX: Shows car ride and cabin in distance then as Justin and grandfather enter cabin ominous shots of woods.
  • I'll be back in a few days Justin, listen to your grandfather while I'm gone, ok?
  • Come Justin and I'll tell you the rules, like not to go in the woods...
  • Action: Justin hears voice, grabs flashlight, and follows it, despite grandfather's rule and warning.FX: Shadows clearly visible and voice is mystical luring Justin towards it, shown through music and close ups.
  • What's that?...
  • Justin
  • Action: Justin follows voice into woods, begins to get lost and afraid, but too late to turn back.FX: Camera shows Justin through trees ominous like someone watching him.
  • Hello?
  • Justinnn....
  • Action: Voice is coming from mystical body of water that shows Justin all of his desires and tries to lure him in.FX: Wind picks up, pool starts to swirl and glow, camera circles pool and closes up on Justin who is mesmerized.
  • Come to us Justinnn
  • Woah...
  • Action: Justin starts stepping toward water, breaks flashlight, but grandfather pulls him away and starts running.FX: As Justin gets pulled away, glowing light turns red, wind and shadows intensify, different angles of them running.
  • I'll tell you when we're safe! Just keep RUNNING!
  • Action: Justin and grandfather keep running with voice in pursuit, when they reach the cabin he tells Justin it's going to be a long night.FX: Outside changes and everything is dark and ominous, wind picks up and shots from outside cabin looking in.
  • What is that?!
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