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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • There is a blind man who lives in a poor village and his financial circumstances were easy. Every morning he would buy his goods
  • Good morning
  • Good morning ،Uncle Gibran. what does he sell?
  • I will hide the money under my beautiful tree
  • What is all that money?
  • He had a lot of money, so he sat in front of his house and thought to hide the money under a tree he loves
  • He hid his money under his tree and the thief's neighbor is watching him
  • And the next day the thief went and stole the money
  • Or
  • He sat thinking about who could steal the money, so he realized that he was his thief neighbor, as he had several precedents, as he stole his old neighbor's dog.
  • Days passed, and if Uncle Gibran went to check his money, he did not find it in its place
  • So he decided to go to him, and indeed he went and said to him: I came to you as an advisor... The thief said: I command you. The blind man said that I have a lot of money and I do not know how to hide it in a place unless I give it to anyone? The thief said: It is better to hide it in the house, for these days no one is trusted, so I thanked him for the advice.
  • The thief went to steal the new money and that was a trick from the blind to return his money, but the thief did not find the money and found a paper on which it was written (God sees you, so how do you like God to see you)