Legend of Northland

Updated: 10/12/2021
Legend of Northland

Storyboard Text

  • Saint peter has been fasting for a day. He was hungry , due to his weakness he was about to faint.
  • I feel like fainting with hunger as I was teaching. Can I get a piece of cake?
  • Sure,I will.
  • I am feel famished , little lady.
  • This cake is seems to be large. I would prepare a small cake.
  • I think this also seems to be big. I would prepare a even more small cake.[PREPARING AGAIN]
  • No way I want to have something now.
  • You are not suitable to live as a human being & enjoy the food and warmth.
  • Oh no!! Please forgive me!
  • You greedy creature!!
  • St. Peter cursed her as a woodpecker as she was too selfish to give him a piece of cake and her greedy behaviour annoyed him .