The Franks: The Movie (Abhinav Kartik)
Updated: 2/14/2020
The Franks: The Movie (Abhinav Kartik)
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  • After winning a battle, Clovis I became the first Frankish king to convert to Christianity.
  • Charles Martel and his troops took the high forrested ground of the hill and attack Ar Rahman's troops from there. In the Battle of Tours, Martel defeated the Muslims, preventing a Muslim invasion and earning himself the moniker "The Hammer."
  • Pepin the Short was the first Frankish king to be annointed by the Pope. He protected the church forever after this moment.
  • Charlemagne was a great conqueror, and united nearly all of Western Europe. As he attacked, he forced the citizens of the conquered areas to convert to Christianity. Otherwise, they would be killed.
  • While Charlemagne was the king, his nephew, Roland, was a rear guard warrior. He was immortalized in history when he attacked the Basques in Spain. The Song of Roland was composed for this legendary battle.
  • Louis the Pious was a very godly and devoted Frankish king, and people expected him to be a great ruler. However, he greatly weakened the empire by splitting it between his three sons.
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