The Dinner

Updated: 9/8/2021
The Dinner

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  • Hey Maria, how does the world even work, can you help explain it to me over dinner? This might also help me with a test I have!
  • I would love to, we can go over all of the cycles of the earth including the water, nitrogen, and even the oxygen cycles!
  • How can energy in a bug my dog ate give him energy?
  • What would you like to know? I can try to make it easier and combine some cycles.
  • A few days later
  • Well, energy is first stored in the grass by a process called photosynthesis, it uses the sun's energy and carbon to eat, and then the worm can eat the grass and consume the energy that the grass has stored. Now as you have said the dog eats the worm, which is pretty gross and gains the energy that the worm has taken from the grass, all organisms get their energy from a producer which in this case is the grass.
  • How do all the cycles interact with each other?
  • Well, the water cycle is the main one, it can be collected in a process called collection or the water can go through a process called run-off which means the water is not collected and can become waste water,
  • Humans also have a big impact on how much they pollute the land around them. These are the basics that you need to know, come back and tell me how you do on your test!
  • Another cycle is the carbon cycle and a combustion is a process where the carbon in the ground will come free from the explosion, another process is photosynthesis which brings in carbon to plants
  • I passed Maria and it's all because of what you taught me!