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Updated: 4/16/2020
Storyboard 2

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  • I waited in line at the mess hall for 2 hours in the 100 degree sun
  • Me too Hana! It feels like we are never going to escape. At least we built a community off of shared suffering
  • I'm so lucky to have them in my life still
  • In order to feel slight happiness, my block mates and I often went outside of our barracks into the common grounds and planted in the gardens. When I first got to Manzanar in March of 1942, I only noticed the overcrowded, horrible aspects. Everyday became monotonous, working in the blazing sun of California, having no privacy AT ALL, being fed rice and vegetables every meal. Over time, guards became lenient, and all of the internees including myself had to make the best out of the awful situation. We began creating jobs for ourselves where we were payed, started recreational programs, and published a newspaper, so I decided to get a job at the new salon in 1944.
  • September 1945- soon after World War II ended, I was allowed to leave. My mom, father, and I were given $25 each and a one way bus ticket to try and "rebuild" our lives. It felt like mockery- The people that stripped away our entire life in Los Angeles, all my families hard work.. were now doing the bare minimum to help. Our family settled in a mobile home in a Japanese community near San Diego. Even after our lives were put on halt for 3 years, I continued my education and tried to maintain a good frame of mind.No matter how hard we fought we would still be judged brutally for our culture years after this dehumanizing experience
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