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Updated: 2/23/2021
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  • In the middle of a number line you need to put a zero and on the right hand its always positive and on the left hand side its always negative
  • In a number line you need to use addition for the positive side only because on the negative side its only for if you minus a number example 5+6 that equals 11.
  • We don't use multiplication on a number line that much but multiplication is used for skip counting numbers example 30 skip count to 50 and then you keep going and then stop when you need to.
  • So these are the four things that we use for maths and counting.
  • So in a number line you need to always move left to subtract example 7-2 equals five and that how you get the answer of subtracting.
  • Division is the same thing as multiplication because you multiply and for division you kind of do the same thing, here is an example 6 divide 1 equals 6