Why Mercury in seafood is bad!
Updated: 2/19/2021
Why Mercury in seafood is bad!

Storyboard Text

  • Me and my son just found out what mercury does and how its in our seafood.
  • This is a massive problem because eating too much mercury will cause mercury overdose.
  • HA!Now they won't eat me
  • Some of mercury overdose effects are illness.Some of the illness are memory loss,numbness, and tremors.
  • Who are you???
  • That's your dad.But why can't I feel anything?
  • It can get so bad that it even could lead to death.
  • It even effects animals!!!
  • Dad I think that fox is trying to go number 2.
  • poor fox.
  • I knew that fish had too much mercury.
  • Mercury is not really too bad to plants.However on animals it is really bad.Also if we keep on adding more mercury,the hotter the earths getting!!!
  • Huh,where are all the plants and animals???
  • Did you just break the 4th wall?
  • Hey you! Yeah you Mr.L I wanna say thanks for reading my comic strip.I hope it isn't too bad.Anyway have a nice day.
  • Some solutions to solving this to try and reduce the fossil fuels that are use per day.If this is not possible then we could try to pay attention to what type of fish we are eating,and try to each less than 12 ounces of mercury.