Animal Farm Chapters 1-5
Updated: 6/4/2020
Animal Farm Chapters 1-5
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  • "Beasts of England"
  • Manor Farm
  • Four Legs GoodTwo Legs Bad
  • The Seven Commandments of Animalism:...7. All Animals Are Equal
  • 1. On the Manor Farm, Old Major gathers the animals for a meeting and inspires them to revolt.
  • Quickly! Before anyone notices!
  • 2. Although Old Major dies, two pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, vow to continue Old Major's work. The pigs and the other animals drive out the unfit and drunk farmer, Mr. Jones, from the farm. The farm is renamed as "Animal Farm".
  • “Surely there is no oneamong you who wants to see Jones come back?
  • I am never coming back here!
  • 3. The animals began to learn how to read, write and have beliefs. They use the Seven Commandments of Animalism to educate the young. The pigs however became the most intelligent among the animals and take on the leadership positions as well as begin to elevate their power on the farm.
  • Uh oh....
  • 4. The pigs had sneakily taken away the milk from the cows and the ripened apples from the trees.
  • Milk
  • 5. Soon after, the animals discover that the pigs have been taking all of the milk and apples for themselves. Squealer explains to them that pigs need milk and apples in order to think well, and continue running the farm. Squealer hints that Mr. Jones may come back to take over the farm if the pigs fail their duty. This frightens the other animals since they do not want Jones to return.
  • 6. In early October, a flight of pigeons alerts Animal Farm that Mr. Jones has begun marching on the farm with some of Pilkington’s and Frederick’s men in order to try and take the farm back. Snowball plans a defense attack that ambushes the men. This battle was called the "Battle of Cowshed".
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