Racial profiling realistic- fictional story
Updated: 5/21/2020
Racial profiling realistic- fictional story

Storyboard Text

  • A Muslim man was driving to work in Los Angela's
  • It looked like the Muslim man speed over five miles off the speed limit so the cops pulled him over.
  • Sir you have been going over 5 miles of speed limit
  • Look officer, I am really sorry for speeding can u just give me a warning.
  • AH! I know what are u trying to. You are bombing the FBI agency in LA!!
  • Look officer, I was trying to rush to work.
  • The cop gave the Muslim man a ride to court while his SUV got towed down.
  • Let me give you a ride to court.
  • in the courthouse the Muslim mas boss was there and the government of trafficking was there including the FBI.
  • The man was speeding and he had gunpowder back of his car
  • i'm his boss and he works at the i-pear company.
  • im the FBI agent and there was no weapons or bombs in his car
  • the police officer is guilty and the Muslim man is innocent so the police will lose his job and never find a job again lets report to the news.
  • im the trafficking government official and he has been driving for 25 year without a ticket
  • The Police officer became homeless.
  • bleep off, you racist officer who's now homeless
  • yea
  • Spare Change