Updated: 3/18/2021

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  • Just give him the money Troy.
  • Can I please have 10 dollars?
  • No, why should give you ten dollars that I worked hard for when your pursuing to be a musician.
  • I only moved to Miss. Pearls because I didn't want to be in the way. Don't be mad at me Troy.
  • The hellhounds raaaaaaaaa
  • I ain't mad at you Gabe.
  • I'm going to listen to the baseball game down at Taylors, I will when I get back.
  • You best start working on that fence for me Troy.
  • Then you would have a leak in the roof and the rain would break your TV, now get to cutting these boards.
  • Let me ask you this, if we got a problem with the room what would you rather do fix the roof or buy a television.
  • Well I would but the TV of course
  • Can I get a television.
  • Why you never like me pops?
  • Why do I never like you? I don't have to like you, all you are to me is a responsibility. I don't need to like you.
  • My dad would eat first before all of us, and didn't treat us right, I saw him beating up on a women and I had to stop him, when he unleashes his last beating on me, I knew i=at the age of 14 it was time fro me to leave the house.
  • This is awful and similar to my story