I am NOT Esther

Updated: 10/5/2021
I am NOT Esther

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  • Aunt Naomi shook me awake saying "I want you to come to the Circle of Fellowship today, Ester. You can meet Charity and Damaris. They will be starting school with you."
  • "I got an extra dose of chores, which was actually a lot better than being prayed over."
  • "At eight o'clock I was told to wake up Maggie."
  • After 'tumbling her on the floor and tickling her'. "Do you remember about yesterday?' I asked, picking her up"
  • 'She sat very still.' "Miriam, she whispered. I saw Miriam ghost."'I hugged her tight', and tried to explain to her, that Miriam was not dead like she thought.
  • 'The Circle of Fellowship was the pits'. ' Aunt Naomi introduced me to the five women, staring with the one whose place we were at. "Sister Dorcas".
  • Then there was Leah, (Damaris's mother) Dinah, (Charity's mother) Hope, Thomasina.
  • This is Sister Dorcas.
  • I met Charity and Damaris under a tree. They started questioning me if I was going to take Miriam's place now that she was dead. "She's not dead, I snapped. I saw her yesterday".
  • After talking with them for a while, I found out the Miriam was betrothed to Gideon at the age of fourteen and that she was going to get married at the age of 16.
  • Charity and Damaris told me a lot of things I didn't know about this community. They told me 'there are twenty-three families in Wanganui', 'but we might all move to Nelson and join a community there'.They also let me know "there is a guidance counselor at our school", they suggested I see her on Monday.
  • Then "Dorcas called us in to help prepare afternoon tea."