Russian Revolution Story
Updated: 12/19/2019
Russian Revolution Story
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  • Fire
  • Why are they firing we are peaceful?
  • Why are we working for such little pay in bad conditions?
  • I don't know lets go on strike.
  • For the Red army!
  • Thousands of unarmed peasants were killed or wounded during a peaceful protest. The czars men opened fire on the crowd.
  • We love how much power we have hahaha.
  • During the February revolution almost all Industrial workers went on strike and the soldiers that where sent to stop it also went on strike soon after the czar left the throne.
  • 1
  • I'm back and I want my government. "Bread, Peace, Land."
  • Yaaaaaaay!! We love you Lenin!!
  • The Red army would use terror tactics against citizens called The Red Terror. It was a full out civil war between the 2 parties.
  • Stalin please don't kick me out!!
  • I don't like you or the way you want government.
  • Czar Nicholas the 2nd was a terrible Russian leader. He was banished from his rule and a new government took over. Nicholas created a Duma to limit his power but he cancelled it after just 10 weeks.
  • The October revolution brought Lenin back into the country. Lenin's idea of government was communism, where everybody would share everything and there would be no classes.
  • The new leaders of the U.S.S.R. were Stalin and Trotsky. Stalin did not agree with Trotsky's rule and decided to banish or kill all his followers. Stalin did not give freedom to his followers.
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