Updated: 2/25/2020

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  • this cant be he will want to overthrow meonly one thing left to do
  • this is our new child its name is Hades
  • *swallows Hades*
  • why are you swallowing Hades take him out now!
  • I will rule the sky
  • I will rule the underworld
  • and I will rule the sea
  • Once upon a time Rhea had her first born child named Hades. When Rhea showed Cronus their son he was not happy. He didn't want his child to overthrow him so there was one thing left to do.
  • okay?
  • come with me
  • Cronus decided to swallow Hades and even swallowed Hades siblings. Rhea was very upset and made a special drink for Cronus to bring back her children.
  • I now pronounce you queen of the underworld
  • Hades and his brothers Poseidon and Zeus defeated the Titans and wanted to rule a realm. Hades got the underworld, Poseidon the sea, and Zeus the sky
  • Hades saw Demeter's daughter Persephone and decided to kidnap her and take her to the underworld.
  • Hades takes Persephone with him to the underworld and they fall in love and she becomes the queen.
  • Persephone and Hades had children