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Animal Farm Chapter 2 storyboard
Updated: 4/27/2020
Animal Farm Chapter 2 storyboard
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  • The pigs, Napoleon and Snowball, Continue to teach the other animals about Major's "teachings" and what they should do to complete his wishes.
  • The animals which were tired of being underfed by their depressed "Master", Mr. Jones, decided to feed themselves by breaking into the store-shed, (via. the help of the cows), followed by other animals.
  • Mr. Jones and his "friends" run off of their farm as they had never seen animals behave in such a way, thus leaving the farm all to the animals. 
  • The animals burn all of the objects that would remind them of their slavery by their once "masters", and buried the remains of once animals, which were found inside the owner's house.
  • The pigs narrow Animalism down to the seven commandments, which all other animals on the farm will follow in order to maintain their peace in the farm.
  • THE SEVEN COMMANDMENTS1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.3. No animal shall wear clothes.4. No animal shall sleep in a bed.5. No animal shall drink alcohol.6. No animal shall kill any other animal.7. All animals are equal.
  • The animals go and celebrate their success in rebelling against the humans, no longer being overworked slaves, and being able to have the farm all to themselves.
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