Hand sanitizer Fairy
Updated: 4/16/2020
Hand sanitizer Fairy

Storyboard Description

Alex and James went to a vacation for Alex's birthday without the kids. They were having fun until they found out they can't travel anywhere because of the coronavirus. The didn't know what to do...

Storyboard Text

  • Alex and James had went to America for a vacation where they didn't have kids it was in San Francisco.
  • This Place is Amazing I love it
  • We can finally be alone without the kids. Yey
  • James brought Alex to a special place for her birthday and it went Awesome. They were so happy.
  • Happy Birthday My Love
  • Next Day while watching news Alex and James couldn't believe it how were they going to see their kids. They didn't know what to do.
  • Cnl news people can't get out of their houses for a while
  • Someone get this bird out of me
  • Alex and James couldn't believe that they wouldn't be able to see their kids. They called airplanes and their families but there wasn't any solution. That night they wished everything to get back and hoped for the best.
  • Honey what are we going to do. We should call their babysitter Mary Poppins. Oh God this is AWFUL!
  • Happy Birthday Alex
  • Yeah I'll call her I hope she is not in a another dimension, but don't worry.
  • The Hand sanitizer fairy was there she was the only one to help because of Coronavirus. She was going to bring them home with a spill of hand sanitizer. ALex and James were still in their nightmares.
  • Happy Birthday Alex
  • They found them self in their house for another birthday party. And they lived happily soaply after
  • Ah, this is so sweet guys. But how did we get here
  • Happy Birthday MOM
  • I got to go with my umbrella se ya!
  • Mom I missed you, do u like it!
  • Yeah, how did we get here?
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