Joseph 2 comic strip. Pt 1
Updated: 3/29/2021
Joseph 2 comic strip. Pt 1

Storyboard Text

  • I need you guys to go spy on the land of Jericho and report back to me!
  • Hi Rehab! We were sent here to check out the area.
  • Hi! How can I help you two?
  • We will be staying with you while we’re here.
  • Oh, hi officer. Is everything okay?
  • Actually ma’am we are looking for two Israelites in the city. Have you seen them at all.
  • I’m sorry sir I do not know where they are. They came by earlier but left hours ago.
  • Officials want you guys, they think your a treat to our country. You need to leave before they get to you..
  • I can help you guys but you need to promise to keep my family safe
  • Where would we go?
  • Of course we can do that. But if anyone is killed or hurt outside of this house it is not our fault. If you tell anyone about this agreement it is off.
  • Deal! Now you guys will go to the hills and hide there for three days. Once the guards have finally stopped looking for you guys you will be good to go.
  • Thank you for helping us and remember our deal.
  • Three days later
  • It’s been there days, I think we’re safe to go.
  • Okay, let me check and make sure the coast is clear.
  • The officers are looking for you guys, you need to leave!
  • Officers are looking for you guys everywhere, you need to leave.
  • Deal! Now you guys should be going before any more guards come.
  • We promise!
  • Okay, you gussy will go out my window and go to the hills so the kings men will not accidentally find you. After three days it should be clear so you can go.