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Updated: 3/29/2019
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  • Freak
  • Once upon a time, there was an evil freak who lived in a broken and run-down castle with her pet dragon, Lethal. She hated absolutely everyone and loved terrorizing children. She believed she was better than everyone else and constantly thought "...[My view] is the only correct view" (
  • One day, the freak was out terrorizing a little girl who was just trying to play with her soccer ball. One of the king's guards was walking by and saw the scary scene. He said, " Stop! 'We are to honor one another according to" He then took the freak to the king.
  • When she went before the king, he told her that what she was doing was wrong and according to Romans 12:10, "You are to 'honor one another above yourself.'" The freak was flabbergasted and replied, "According to Kathleen Quiring, 'Authority... ought in my opinion, to be treated with a certain amount of suspicion.'''
  • After she said that, she realized how wrong it was. She realized she had been going about her life all wrong. That night, the freak went to a tavern for a drink. She saw that a man was frantically looking for money to pay for his drink because he was scared of her and wanted to leave. She walked up and paid for his drink, and he smiled and left.
  • Whenever she got home, she prayed to God for forgiveness for her sins and then fell asleep. The grace of God fell upon the freak and the next morning, she woke up to a great surprise.
  • Whenever the freak and Lethal woke up, they had been transformed into a beautiful princess, and a handsome dog. They lived happily ever after until the end of their days. The End!
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