horse land
Updated: 3/16/2021
horse land

Storyboard Text

  • how can I help you
  • I am sally salesroom and I am lost could you tell me where to go
  • this is sally saleroom should the girl go to shack beach
  • mommy mama help cirri ugh cur blah
  • stop yapping I'm sally saleroom should I steal her yes Sanderson shack beach hear I come
  • mommy ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • be good because you bad I beat you
  • the villian came to the farm
  • where is cristy
  • the villan stoul her she won but she had to find a place to keep her
  • mommy help I love you
  • cristy
  • cristy. I am calling 911
  • uh oh
  • cry baby caca cry cry baby
  • I feel way better that cristys here
  • she slaped her and left
  • I hate this dirty place
  • come on mickey come on sonny
  • dont discusting dont dirty dont put me in here
  • mom figures out cristys gone
  • mom finds cristy and calls police on villan
  • villian went to jail and there happy