Non-Mendelian Genetics
Updated: 2/12/2021
Non-Mendelian Genetics

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  • Amy's Birthday...
  • Hi, nice to meet you!
  • Hi Amy! This is Jake, my colleague.
  • Hi Greg! I am glad you came to my birthday party. Looks like you brought a friend.
  • Greg inherited a sex limited gene. Meaning, the baldness gene from his parents only apply in the son while the daughter is the carrier.
  • I am currently a Genetics student in a local university.
  • Thank you for coming here! It was nice to meet you. So, what's your profession right now?
  • Really? Can you explain why Greg is bald but his sister is not?
  • Wow! That's fascinating! Follow me, I will show you something.
  • Sure!
  • It is called codominance and incomplete dominance. The red flower is dominant to white that is why the other flower is red. In incomplete dominance, instead of having another red flower, it became pink because the red and white flower blended due to the lack of masking of dominant trait to the recessive.
  • Oh that's why. Can you please tell me more?
  • My mom breed a red and white flower. The other one turned red but the other turned pink. why is that?
  • There's an inheritance called sex-linked. It means that the trait is passed down to families through x and y chromosome. There are alleles called multiple allele which is having a lot of variation of genes and lethal allele which deadly when passed down to the carrier.
  • Wow, I have learned so much from you. Thank you for answering all of my questions.
  • Amy, thank you for inviting us. Anyways, we have to go!
  • There's this thing called sex influenced inheritance. Facial hair usually appear on men. Women sometimes have it because of the hormones.
  • Wait! I have a question for Jake, is it my parents genes that causes my facial hair?
  • Oh okay. Now I understand. Thank you!
  • End.
  • Thank you Amy. Good bye!
  • Thank you! I enjoyed staying in here. I am glad to converse with you.
  • Well that's all. You should go now, it's getting late.