Leon Savage
Updated: 4/20/2020
Leon Savage
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  • Teddy finds a drenched mongoose named Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. He takes him to his house.
  • Wow! A mongoose! He must be hurt. Let me take him to my house.
  • Darzee, a tailorbird, tells Rikki about how Nag, a snake, has eaten one of his eggs. Nag overhears and tries to attack Rikki before slithering away.
  • Nag has eaten one of my eggs.
  • Who is Nag? I am Nag.
  • Why are you so sad?
  • Who is Nag?
  • Rikki finds Karait, a little brown snake. They fight each other and Rikki wins.
  • Be careful! I am death.
  • Go Rikki!!!
  • Oh yeah, I will kill you.
  • After the death of Karait, Nag and his wife want to get rid of Rikki. They want to kill Teddy's family, so the mongoose would move away. However, the mongoose finds the cobra and kills him.
  • Get out of the way. I need to kill the people
  • Not on my watch
  • After the death of Nag, Rikki needed to kill Nagiana, his wife. She would lay eggs and that could mean more snakes. He asked Darzee and his wife to help find and destroy those eggs.
  • I will distract her, while you crush her eggs.
  • I need your help destroying Nagiana's eggs.
  • Darzee's wife pretended to be injured, so that Nagiana will go try to hunt her. Then, Rikki went and crushed the eggs and eventually killed Nagiana. After that the garden was finally peaceful.
  • Ah!! I am hurt. The boy threw a rock at my wing.
  • Not today, I killed your babies. Now I will kill you.
  • I will eat you then.
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