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Updated: 9/19/2018
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  • Please testify for me in court. I have been falsely accused of murder.
  • Yes, we will testify for you. We have figured out you are the son of a noble. We need you for a mission.
  • It`s nice to meet to meet you Fletcher. I am the Elf King. We need you to go kill the King Orc to stop the army controlled by him from killing our kingdoms. We need you and a few close friends to infiltrate the jungle.
  • My group of four friends, (an elf, dwarf and an alchemist) have flown for hours over the orc lands in search of the "Great Pyramid" which is where the orc king lives.
  • Fletcher is in jail for attempted murder when a normal man got burned while he was summoning his demon. Arcturus helps Fletcher to get out of jail. He is found out to be the son of a noble when he was stung by a manticore so the charges are off.
  • Ok, listen up team. We will be hunting for a pyramid in the middle of the jungle. The King Orc is there and we must kill him otherwise humanity will be wiped away.
  • Fletcher meets with the Elf King after imprisonment, the Elf King then tells him that he needs Fletcher to go kill all the freshly bred goblins in the Orc territory. He tells him that he will need a team of four. Fletcher makes a team of four and accepts the mission from the Elf King.
  • I have finally slain the King Orc with my fellow teamates.
  • Fletcher and his team set off over the Orc Jungles in search of the Orc King and the goblin eggs on their flying demons.
  • Fletcher enters the jungle and immediately finds the Orc Army. His team lands with him and he gives them a speech on how they will deal with the army and kill the King Orc. They say their goodbyes and split up
  • In ther aftermath of the battle Fletcher has slain the Orc King but the Orc Army is still hunting his team down. They meet inside the pyramid to regroup and escape on their flying demons.
  • Fletcher and his team meet up in inside the pyramid to summon their demons to get away, when Jeffery (the alchemist) betrays Fletcher and paralyses them. Fletcher drinks a potion to heal himself and jumps into the 2nd dimension. Thus escaping with his team
  • Well well well... I have betrayed you Fletcher... I hope you and your teamates die in this cave. While you`re dying I`ll be taking all the glory back at home... goodbye Fletcher!
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