Updated: 3/11/2020
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Stalker storyboard

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  • Wide Shot
  • Close up
  • Wide shot/establishing shot
  • OSCAR and his friend talk at the basketball court. The bell rings and they both part ways from each-other as their classes are are far from each other. OSCAR wants to take the long way to class today as he wants to have a lone walk.
  • Mid shot/Close up
  • OSCAR starts walking way from his friend when he hears a noise from the bushes. He thinks it's a animal and just brushes it off.
  • Mid Shot
  • OSCAR passes the baseball field, when he hears footsteps rustling near him. OSCAR starts to pick up his pace and starts to fast walk.
  • Dolly Mid shot
  • OSCAR arrives in the hallways. OSCAR starts to text his friend as its break about the noise. His friend leaves him on read. OSCAR is about to reach class when he hears the noise again.
  • OSCAR tells his friend about the strange noise. The friend tells him he's just hearing things. OSCAR agrees with him and focuses on class.
  • OSCAR is on his way home and decides to take the long way. He starts to stroll through the track when he hears the sound approaching at a fast pace. OSCAR turns around and sees the stalker. OSCAR runs for his life.
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