Autumn Gardening
Updated: 12/30/2020
Autumn Gardening

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  • It is autumn in New England and Mariko shuffled to her lawn. There, she enjoyed the fresh air and sat down on her lawn chair. The detergent her neighbor used reminded her the uniforms of American soldiers.
  • Mariko pulled out a letter her friend, Mitsuye, wrote and re-read it from the beginning. As she was reading, it gave her a flashback when she was in Japan during the A-Bomb. She always questioned why she was the one that survived the bombing. Why is she not dead?
  • The day of the Hiroshima bombing, Mariko was on the outskirt of the clinic. She was hit with flying shards of glass that left several cuts on her face, and the debris from the bomb knocked her to the ground.
  • Luckily, Mariko and a few doctors survived the bombing. They later regrouped to help those who were critically injured during the bombing. Mariko also had critical injuries that were permanent.
  • Mariko got up from her chair and shuffled to her garage. She had chores to do and she didn't want to think about the A-Bombing anymore. It was too much for her to handle thinking about it. Suddenly, her focus shifted on the letter, again.
  • After all of these years of questioning her luckiness of surviving the bomb and having guilt, she acknowledged that her friend is telling her story about the A-Bombing for those who didn't survive as well. This made Mariko feel better and she went on planting flowers.
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