Updated: 3/31/2020
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  • The porcupine has sharp quills to fight against animals that try to attack it.
  • They have very sharp claws so they can dig to find their food and help them climb up trees.
  • It will raise its quills when it sees a predator to protect its self
  • They Have a very thick under fur to help keep they warm in the winter
  • Sharp teeth that never stop growing
  • Pandas have strong Jaw muscles allowing them to eat bamboo and their jaw not the get tired
  • They also have giant teeth to help them cut through the bamboo
  • The pandas legs are very large so it can carry its own body weight through the trees
  • Pandas leave sent marks to communicate by peeing in a certain spot
  • Over time they have developed a 6th toe so they are stronger and have more grip
  • Loose skin allows them to be kicked by prey without suffering barley any injury
  • Whiskers that help them sense their prey and if they can fit into tight spots
  • They start teaching the young males how to hunt at just 2 years old so they can go out on their own
  • They have tan fur which helps them blend in with surrounding color
  • Very sharp claws that help they kill their prey and catch speed when running
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