made up myth- ava broderick
Updated: 4/12/2021
made up myth- ava broderick

Storyboard Text

  • Artemis was spying on Aphrodite waiting to strike the battle. Artemis had to wait while Aphrodite was in meditation not paying attention to what was around her
  • Aphrodite hears something move in the bushes near her, it was Artemis deer. Artemis goes into shock knowing that they are about to fight. Aphrodite gets very angry and starts to turn bright red from anger.
  • Aphrodite gets up and takes her weapon out and starts to attack Artemis. Artemis gets scared and drops her bow and arrow in shock. The animals stand back and only come when there goddess needs help
  • Aphrodite gets a massive hit on Artemis, she falls to the ground . Artemis never new how powerful Aphrodite was. She regrets wanting ti fight Aphrodite.
  • Artemis gets a strike to the head and falls to a deep sleep stage. Aphrodite walk away in a powerful walk and says over Artemis lifeless body ´you should have never became my enemy´.
  • Aphrodite calls over her swan in victory, Aphrodite won the battle of Artemis and Aphrodite. Even though people thought she would be weaker then Artemis.