Kiosk product design for blind

Updated: 6/15/2021
Kiosk product design for blind

Storyboard Text

  • I have safely reached the airport but now how to go to food court, I am blind 
  • Let me go and find some way
  • Yes!
  • The Kiosk is very useful right, we got to know where to go
  • Ragu is a blind person and now he is traveling in flight back home, he has got a connecting flight in Bengaluru and now wants to have his breakfast
  • I think I can also use it and get to know how to go to food court
  • He does not know where to go foe his breakfast
  • Thank you
  • While finding his way he heard two girls talking about the kiosk which way near by
  • Hi ma'am where can I find the kiosk
  • Let us show you
  • He decides to use the kiosk and see is it useful for him
  • The girls shows the kiosk and he Thank them for there help
  • He ask the girls where can he find the kiosk And the girls help him