ELA Project (Comic Stip)
Updated: 12/19/2019
ELA Project (Comic Stip)
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  • I was waiting for my train but then I noticed a kid going on. I didn't see him before when I was swiping my card, so I suspected he didn't and was getting on illegally. I pulled him over and started teasing him, He was very scared and I think he thought I was going to give him a ticket. I told him I can't give him a ticket because I wasn't a cop and a firefighter. Then he took a very deep sigh of relief. Then we both got on the train.
  • We both got on the train and waited. Then the train started slowing down, then getting faster again. Then all of a sudden the train completely stopped and the emergency lights turned on. We waited and waited. This was a very normal thing that happened on subway trains in New York City, sometimes it took 30 seconds for the train to turn back on and sometimes even 30 minutes.
  • Then this man started getting mad about being late to work. I told him that it won't take much longer. He kept on checking his watch and shouting and complaining about how long it took for the train to turn back on.
  • Then the man started saying that he doesn't want to be on the train anymore and that he wants to get off. He starts opening up the doors. I told him that he shouldn't be doing that because it is very dangerous and that if the train were to start moving, he could get seriously injured.
  • Then the man opened up the doors of the train. Right after that, the train started moving and the man hit his head hard against the door and slumped to the ground. Then the women next to us started screaming, "Oh my god, That man is bleeding!"
  • When I saw what happened to that man I immediately got up and gave directions to the man ad for him to hold still. He kept on trying to get up but he would fall every time. Then I told the kid that was sitting next to me to give me his shirt to wipe the blood away. He was very hesitant but I kept telling him and eventually, he gave me his shirt. It was white and looked new so I felt bad for him. Then I gave the kid my phone and told him to call 911 and tell them to bring an ambulance. He ran outside, then I couldn't see where he went after that.
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