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Russia people angry at man and get new leader(s)
Updated: 1/9/2020
Russia people angry at man and get new leader(s)
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  • Tsar Nicholas the II wasn't very popular in Russia for many reasons such as paying no attention to the lower class, lived rich while the poor died, and caused Russia to lose a lot of lives and money.
  • Bro he ded
  • we done with you cuh
  • The poor take over Russia with little bloodshed and take the rich's land and distribute it between the poor.
  • we're tired of you not caring for us we own Russia now.
  • anyone who talks bad about me will either die or work for the rest of there life
  • The Russian Civil war between the reds and the whites was the lower class against people for the Tsar the reds win the red were the lower class the white were people for the Tsar.
  • Ok yall win chill out Russia is all yours
  • Vladimir Lenin dies from a stroke and Joseph Stalin comes up and takes his spot as the new Russian leader
  • I leader now bois
  • Wasn't fun he ruled by fear and fighting and anyone who talked bad about him were sent to working camps to build for the rest of your life from freezing to starving
  • thats kinda wack
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