School Memories (pt. 1)
Updated: 2/22/2021
School Memories (pt. 1)

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  • It was the hottest week of school. It seemed to get hotter every day. As the days got hotter it seemed the drama got more crazy as well. Everyday consisted of fights and very long shelter in places.
  • While all of this was going on, none of it went on in the bus until one day. It started off as a great ride . I was almost home! Until, Emily decided to stand up and stand on the stairs. Now of course our bus driver stopped, if she got even slightly hurt it would be on the bus driver.
  • We all got angrier and angrier as more time passed, some got so upset that they called their moms and asked if they can beat Emily up! We were all trying to figure out why she wouldn't sit down. Apparently, she was going to walk from there for no reason at all. She was riding the bus after all.
  • Our bus driver would not let Emily learn her lesson because it was against protocol. As more time went in we got tired and tedious. I got even more frustrated because at this time I needed to pee. To distract us we started blasting music because someone had a speaker, but that came to an end, it soon died.
  • Even more time passed and we started making plans. I said " If she doesn't sit down by 4:35 we are going to jump off the bus and walk home." We even started partnering people up, making groups, and counting down time.
  • Luckily, Emily decided to sit down at 4:32 and the bus started moving again. It had been almost two hours.