Updated: 3/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Peter the Hermit recruiting
  • Will you join on my way to reconquer what is ours
  • Yes we will join you
  • Sneak attack in progress
  • Did you hear something
  • The Muslims fight back
  • Not this time
  • Deal
  • Peter the Hermit is on his journey to start the first crusade and recruit more christians
  • Agreeing to let others pass
  • No more fighting
  • With all of the soldiers he recruited he won the first crusade by sneak attack and won
  • After the third crusade the muslims were prepared for the next sneak attack
  • The end of Christianity crusades
  • No more crusades you are me last men and I can't let you get sick in the desert
  • Once the 2nd crusade ended and the 3rd came along they decided to make peace with each other
  • But still after they made peace the Christians weren't satisfied and attacked their own cities in crusade 4
  • Crusades stopped after crusade 4 because Christians kept losing and for many other reasons like they were outnumbered and couldn't travel long distances