Monkeys Paw story Board
Updated: 11/11/2020
Monkeys Paw story Board

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  • Exposition: On a cold and stormy night in the Laburnam Villa, the White family (Herbert, Mrs. White, and Mr. White) waitsfor a visitor to arrive. Mrs. Whiteknits, while Herbert and Mr. White play chess. (page 1)
  • Rising Action: Sergant Major Morris arrives at the White's home. He tells them about the magic Monkeys Paw he got from his travels. He tells them that the Monkeys Paw grants you three wishes. Mr. White takes the paw even though he's told that it causes trouble. (page 4) During his visit Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds, but receives it because Herbert died at his work place. (pages 5, 8, and 9)
  • "He is very hurt, but not in pain."
  • Imagery: The story shows visual imagery by stating in page 1, that the night is cold, wet and windy. This makes you think of cold rain pouring down outside. Another example of imagery is on page 6 when Mr. White is looking into the fire, and sees demonic faces. It foreshadows the bad things that the Monkeys Paw can do. The last example of auditory imagery is on page 18 when the empty, dark and silent road is revealed when Mrs. White opens the door.
  • Climax: Mrs. White suddenly gets the idea to wish Herbert back with the Monkeys Paw. Even though Mr. White was against it, Mrs. White uses the second wish for Herbert's return. In the middle of the night knockings from the door startled the Whites. Mrs. White immediately thinks that it's Herbert, so she runs downstairs despite Mr. Whites cries to not open the door. (page 13)
  • Falling Action: The knocking gets louder, as Mrs.Whte tries to open the door. She continues to struggle, while Mr. White stumbles to find the Monkeys Paw. (page 14)
  • Wheres the paw?
  • Resolution: Mr. White finds the Paw just in time, and makes his last wish. Suddenly the knocking stops, and the thing vanished. (page 14)
  • Herbert!
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