Broken Blade By:Allie Benson
Updated: 2/27/2020
Broken Blade By:Allie Benson

Storyboard Text

  • I pray my blisters get better
  • I left Lachine and my friends and family to be a voyageur,because my family needed money.My mom was not happy but my dad was. overall I was really excited to go.
  • After St.Annes I was worried are prayers wouldn´t come true.My brigade messes around with me sometimes but im pretty sure they are just trying to help me.Im getting kind of homesick because i keep thinking about what my family is doing.
  • Are you guys sure about that
  • NO I AM
  • The brigade and I were just paddling when the waters started getting really choppy.We were all paddling as hard as we could ,but then it got so bad La Londe had to jump out and push the rock away luckily the canoe went loose but he fell in and drowned
  • Me and the brigade were now on lake Superior the first day was nice and calm.The second day got bad the waves got huge weather got bad it was not good.We stayed as close to the shore as possible. It got so bad we had too stay on the island as long as possible.
  • Me and the brigade were arriving to grand portage so we decided to canoe race up there.Once we were done teasing each other about the race,we took are bags of stuff up to the rendezvous to get started.We were hoping to get some good trades.
  • I decided to come back to Lachine and see my family,and my dad was so happy to see me he started having tears of joy.I will not be going because I tried it and I loved it but now i'm going to try out school for a while.