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Updated: 5/18/2020
SS Quiz

Storyboard Text

  • The story begins with Sergeant Van McCreery and Bob McIntosh. Van was the only one who had scissors and cut hair in their Battery. Today, it was finally Bob's trun to have his long, kinky, black hair cut.
  • Bob had had only one side of his hair cut short to the scalp when someone yelled, "For God's sake, men, get your guns. The Yankees are across the river.." Bob and Van had to rush to batle with half of Bob's hair sticking out like crazy while his other half was cute super short It happened so fast, Van even brought his scissors to battle.
  • When eveyone got to battle the gun men couldn't help but stopping to laugh, even in the middle of the war! Bob was the most upset about this situation! It inturupted his hairuct!
  • Bob was very very excited to get back to camp to get his hair cut, but when he got back, Van claimed to have lost his scissors in war! He had to go about with this hair like that for a week!
  • One day, Hunter Dupuy said, "All right Bob, put your head on this stump and I'll chop off some of your hair." He said this while holding a hatchet. Bob was desperate and did it. He ended up getting his head stuck to the stump! Then they had to cut him loose with their knives.
  • After a couple of days, Van was able to find the scissors and finish cutting his other side of hair! Bob was so happy!