comic strip
Updated: 3/10/2021
comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • o no
  • i hope i do not die
  • i am Athena and i am here to become this city's patron
  • i am poseidon and here to claim this city's parton
  • o no 2 gods wanting the same city.The city wil be destroyed!
  • i am here to be this city's parton
  • why are you here
  • so am I!
  • Who do u choose?
  • we will fight for it
  • Wait I have a better idea. How about a contest were we both have to give gifts to the mortals. the mortals will choose who's ever gift they like best and the other on will leave in peace
  • My gift is a olive tree an u can use it's fruit to put on pizza
  • we choose Athena.
  • My gift is a horse also you can use it to go fast.