learder of like jonh
Updated: 4/7/2021
learder of like jonh

Storyboard Text

  • Thomas Jefferson
  • yes we will use this for our independence
  • my name Thomas Jefferson i wrote the declaration of independence
  • Benedict Amold
  • FIRE!!!!!
  • Thomas Paine
  • we want independents
  • we want independents
  • say it with me we was independents
  • stop this now
  • we want independents
  • Thomas Jefferson was governor of Virginia from 1779 to 1781. He wrote the Declaration of Independence. The P2 trait Thomas Jefferson displayed was leadership because he wanted independence for the country
  • Nathanael Greene
  • you got it i will text your men well and hetbthem to be the best workers
  • i trust youwith my man
  • Benedict was a great leader, but no one would recognize his contributions. After the war, he returned to England.The P2 trait Benedict Arnold displayed was bravery because he led soldiers during the war.
  • John Burgagune
  • we are going to be like this for the war
  • i am going to be taking team 1
  • Thomas Paine wrote for colonists to have independence from England. He wrote a pamphlet called Common Sense in 1776.The P2 traits Thomas Paine displayed were integrity and prudence because he spoke out for American independence.
  • William Howe
  • what do you want that is so importation
  • He was a trusted leader who was good at getting supplies for the military. He fought bravely in battles during the Revolutionary war.The P2 traits Nathanael Greene displayed were leadership and bravery because he was trusted by soldiers to get his job done.
  • He was named Gentlemen Johnny by his men for his nice manners and gentle treatment. His plan was to spit the colonies in half and win the war in 1777, but they lost because General Clinton was late and John was taken prisoner of the war this was a great lost for. The P2 trait John Burgagune displayed was kindness because he was gentle and caring to others.
  • He was known for leading during the American Revolutionary War. Before he went to Britain, he fought with the colonists against Britain for the independence of the colonies. The P2 trait Willaim Howe displayed was open-mindedness because he was hard working and wanted the colonies and Britain to be at peace.
  • i think we should have peace withe the colinst and stop taxing them