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Algebra 752 class storyboard
Updated: 6/25/2020
Algebra 752 class storyboard
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  • I heard Robert has to do algebra and I want to help him.
  • Oh that's easy?Let me teach you.
  • Are they simple?
  • There are 4 types of algebraic equations.They are multi step,variables on both sides,distributive property,and single step equations.
  • Yes they are very simple if you listen.
  • The value of x is 4.I got that by subtracting 8 on both sides which now the equation is 4x=16 so then I divided 4 on both sides to isolate the variable and now the equation is x=4.That's how I got my answer.
  • What is the value of x in this equation and tell me how you got it.
  • 4x+8=24
  • you are correct!
  • 4x-7=5, numbers, variables and operators used together to show the value of something is an expression
  • I think the answer is 3.The first thing I did was add 61+2=63. Then I subtracted 3 on both sides which leaves me with the equation 20x=60. Then I isolated the variable by dividing 20 on both sides. Which leaves with x=3
  • You are correct!You are very good at this .
  • That was a single step equation so now lets do a multi step equation.What is 20x+3= 21+3?Solve for x.
  • The next problem the answer is 10x-5y.I got that by adding all the x's which the total is 10x.Then i added all the y's and got -5y.So the simplified equation is 10x-5y.
  • The first problem the answer is 10x+6y.I got that by multiplying 2 with everything in the parentheses
  • Use the distributive property to simplify this equation,2(5x+3y).Then you will have to simplify this equation,5x+3y+2x+3x-8y.
  • Now you have to learn how to use the distributive property and learn how to simplify equations.
  • Bye!
  • I read some of Robert's bools on algebra.I asked you to help me just in case I don't understand.
  • When Robert is finish listening to his music Robert will finish his algebra home work thanks to you.Now I have to go home nwo bye see you around.
  • Your a natural at alegbra.How did you know how to do it?
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