journey of the sperm
Updated: 1/6/2021
journey of the sperm

Storyboard Text

  • vagina
  • time to enter the vagina
  • hope we don't get hit
  • cervix
  • i think we're lost
  • which way is the right way?
  • uterus
  • RUN
  • avoid the white blood cells
  • kill the sperm
  • show us your swimming
  • 250 million sperm enters the vagina but 99% of them die within 30 minutes.the vagina has acids as a defense system
  • uterotubal junaction
  • show us your molecular recognition
  • the remaining 60,000 will have to travel through the cervix it is usally pluged by the muscus but it is open because of ovulation but they still have to travel through the 10,000 passage ways and not die
  • fallopian tube
  • zzzz
  • zzz
  • there is only 3,000 sperms left. the muscular contraction will help the sperms go in the right direction. but the white blood cell will them if they find them. the remaining sperm will need to find the doorway to the fallopean tube
  • fertilization and implantation
  • this is the doorway to the fallopian tube. the sperms must show proper swimming and display the correct molecular recognition to pass
  • only 10-30 sperms are left. in this area they are safe from white blood cells and are provided nourishment to live serveral hours to days here
  • yum!
  • the sperm trys to find the egg and once they find and get inside the egg it will pair up with the sperm. once they unite they will travel the fallopian tube to the uterus and 5 days later it will attach to the wall of the uterus and grow
  • looks like im the only who made it
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