African wild dog
Updated: 3/12/2020
African wild dog

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  • the African wild dogs main pre is warthogs
  • 5 Abiotic factors the affect african wild dogs are the flat Savanna because it makes it easier to hunt, the thin dark coat of fur that the Dog where's helps them hunt, diseases have killed many African wild dogs, the weather can affect the Dogs because they need a certain amount of water, and lastly they need water to drink.
  • the Dogs live in African savannas.
  • Diseases have killed man african wild dog
  • dang dogs stop eating my cattle
  • Humans have impacted African wild dogs in a negative way. They have killed many because they eat their cattle, quite similar to wolves in the U.S Humans also kill them for meat and skin. African wild dogs don’t like humans and where they live is a very touristy place so that impacts them by limiting their hunting time.