tom sawyer
Updated: 3/18/2021
tom sawyer

Storyboard Text

  • " What is it Huck?"
  • " They're human! One of 'em is, anyway. One of 'em's old Muff Potter's voice."
  • "Sh!"
  • "Hurry men! The moon might come out at any moment."
  • "Five years ago you drove me away from your fathers kitchen one night when I come to ask for something to eat, and you said I warn't there for any good;
  • Tom and Huck are in the graveyard with the dead cat about to cure warts. Then they hear people approaching and so they hide.
  • "And when I swore I'd get even with you if it took a hundred years, your father had jailed for a vagrant. Did you think i'd forget? The Injun Blood ain't in me for nothing. And now I've got you, and you got to settle, you know!"
  • Dr. Robinson continues to tell his friends that they need to hurry and get digging before the moon comes out and people see them.
  • "Here, now, don't you hit my pard."
  • The men are fighting about the pay. Injun Joe tells his story to Dr.Robinson because he is ready to get his revenge.
  • "The score is settled - damn you."
  • Injun Joe countinues to tell his story about why he wants to get revenge.
  • All of a sudden the men start fighting a lot. Injun Joe creeps up and stabs Dr.Robinson and sticks the knife in Muff Potters hand.
  • Muff Potter wakes up and Injun Joe tells him about how he murdered Dr.Robinson. They both end up fleeing from the scene.