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Professional Communications Project
Updated: 8/27/2020
Professional Communications Project
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  • Oh my gosh, I forgot!
  • I'm so excited for dance practice after school today and we can....
  • *Teacher talking loudly in the room next door*
  • Students, today we have a pop quiz about fractions and....
  • NO!! I don't get this topic!!
  • So how much time do we get?
  • What's happening, oh well let me continue playing my game
  • Sender: Girl in the pink dress talking about dance practice Receiver: The girl in the pink shirtBarrier (Internal): It's loud in the room that they are talking in
  • Psst!!
  • Sender: The teacher Encoding: Teacher is telling the students about the pop quiz and what it is about Barrier(External): A teacher is talking loudly in the room next door
  • Hey! How'd you do on the quiz?
  • Good, thanks to you!!
  • Students, come put your tests on my table.
  • Receiver: Students Feedback: A student is asking a question back Decoding: A student is worrying about the testBarrier: Technology, a student is on the phoneChannel: A student is only communicating with his phone.
  • Don't worry about it!! Now let's dance!
  • HIGH FIVE!!!
  • Sender: The girl who is giving her testEncoding: The girl is trying to tell the other girl to take her test Decoding: The other girl understands and is taking it Barrier: Technology, the boy is still on is phone
  • Sender: The Teacher telling the kids to put their tests on her table Encoding: The girl in the pink trying to whisper to the other girl Decoding: The other girl responds back
  • Sender: The girl in the pink shirt Feedback: The other girl responds saying give me a high fiveMessage: To tell her not too worry
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