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Updated: 3/6/2020
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  • Variation: The occurrence of hereditary or non hereditary differences between different individuals of a population
  • Adaptation: A chracteristic that improves an individuals ability to survive and reproduce in an individuals enviornment
  • Overproduction: When a plant or animal reproduces it usually makes more offspring than the environment can support.
  • Selection: Individuals try to get the resources they need to survive. This includes food, water, space and mates.
  • The lions with the light fur can sneak up on their prey making it easier to hunt
  • Their adaptation is physical, their fur has turned lighter, because it helps them survive.
  • These lions are darker so they don't blend in to their surroundings making it harder for its prey to see them.
  • The ones with the light fur survive and reproduce...
  • When they reproduce something called overproduction occurs, this is when the parents produce more offspring, often times more than the environment can handle. This also ensures that more will survive.
  • The ones with darker fur, don't...
  • Selection makes it almost impossible to survive with their fur, they can't get food, you can't get big and strong without food so no mate.
  • This Variation is from their parents, and they still haven't adapted.
  • In conclusion, the dark fur lions have a variation from their parents it's been there for a while and it's why their fur is dark. Then a process known as selection made occured, this is the process when organisms find food, water, space, and mates because the lions can't sneak up on their prey anymore it makes this process almost impossible to survive. Then adaptation came into play and physically changed their fur color because they couldn't survive. When this happened selection becomes easier, this is when Overproduction joins the party, this is when animals produce more offspring than the environment can handle, so that more survive, for example let's say that the parents have 2 babies well 2-2=0 so no good, but then let's say they had 6 babies now 6-2=4, now thats good.
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