creative writing

Updated: 5/19/2021
creative writing

Storyboard Text

  • This beating ought to teach you . You're nothing. You're useless. I'll humiliate you and ruin your pointless life, punk.
  • I didn't do anything wrong. Please stop! Someone help!
  • ...That poor kid... but better him than me
  • Shh! I think that's him right there...
  • Did you hear about that kid that got humiliated at recess today? I feel bad for that guy...
  • They were watching ..and no one helped me
  • Yeah seriously. He looked like he couldn't fight back even if he tried.
  • Man it must suck being that kid that got beat up today. He didn't even stand a chance.
  • They were ALL watching... and no one helped me. They're all against me.
  • Did you hear about that weak little kid who got completely battered this morning?
  • Those jerks! I'll show them all that I'm no weakling.
  • Yeah... must suck to be him right now. HAHA
  • I hate it here. Who is that guy to humiliate me like that?  I'm not useless, and I'll prove it to them!
  • But I promise I'll make you proud, Mom. And you too, big brother. I'll be stronger. I promise.